Portfolio of writing


My work for H&M includes crafting meta data and body copy for each of the pages on site. See examples below:

Techhouse Business

How women-led businesses can use advanced communications to work smarter

Are you ready for the ISDN digital switch-off?

5 reasons why Convergence is the future of business

Spiny Trends

Podcasts are driving additional revenue for publishers, but is it sustainable?

Fears of misinformation spreading through Facebook are fuelled by Australian threats and pre-election rules

How publishers are using e-commerce to build their brand and generate revenue post COVID-19

Merkle Inc Q2 Digital Marketing Report Foreshadows Second Wave Trends

The Future of Streaming: Global Expansion and a Content Revolution

The Rise of the Subscription Bundle: The Highs and Lows Involved

Google Teases New search Algorithm and Ranking Update

The Media Moment

Not Just For Kids: Could Disney’s new streaming service rival Netflix and Amazon Prime?

Diversity in Influencer Marketing: Will brands finally #PullUpForChange?

Springboard – 2019-20

During my time working for Springboard as a Marketing Executive, I was responsible for all digital and written communications from both The Springboard Charity & Springboard UK for both B2B and B2C audiences. This included the following:

  • Managing and curating nine different social media business accounts and optimising the company’s social media network and industry engagement.
  • Writing a bimonthly newsletter as well as other regular e-marketing content using Mailchimp.
  • Copywriting – web pages, news, technical documents and blogs.
  • Conducting interviews with a number of subjects including beneficiaries of the charity, business partners, schools and organisations.
  • Creating powerful and emotive success stories of the charity’s beneficiaries to be used in future marketing materials.
  • Working with Springboard’s graphic designer to produce dynamic and engaging content for event brochures, flyers, social media banners and other materials.
  • Producing and distributing press releases as well as extensive marketing campaigns for the charity’s various events and programmes.
  • Writing speeches and scripts for high profile speakers at events.

Examples of work:

Press releases / blog posts

Springboard’s FutureChef crowns 2020 winner!

Springboard takes home Partner of the Year Award 2020

Success stories: